Report on the impact of Italian Business Angels

From 2020 we have published a report on Business Angels
in Italy with an in-depth section on investors and investments with
a significant social impact (so-called Hybrid and Impact-oriented Angels)

Reports answer the following questions:

  • How many Business Angels are there in Italy?
  • How many Business Angel Groups are there in Italy?
  • In which sectors and technologies invest Italian Business Angels?
  • What typologies of Business Angels exist in the Italian ecosystem?
  • What are the differences between Business Angels who support organisations with a significant social impact and Business Angels who do not support them?

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    Full Report:

    In addition to the Public Report, a Full Report on Italian Business Angels is available.

    This Full report contains all the analyses on Italian Business Angels and a comprehensive overview of the Italian Business Angel ecosystem.

    The Full Report will be presented in a few weeks and it will be sent free of charge to the Business Angels who replied to the survey and to the research partners.

    If you are not one of Business Angel who replied to the survey and you are interested in the Full Report, please reach us at: