Report on the impact of Italian Business Angels

From 2020 we have published a report on Business Angels
in Italy with an in-depth section on investors and investments with
a significant social impact (so-called Hybrid and Impact-oriented Angels)

Reports answer the following questions:

  • How many Business Angels are there in Italy?
  • What are the main characteristics of Italian Business Angels?
  • How many Business Angel Groups (BAG) and Networks (BAN) are there in Italy?
  • In which sectors do BAGs and BANs invest?
  • What are the benefits created by BAGs and BANs for the start-ups invested?
  • What incentives exist for angel investments in Italy?

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    Full Report

    In addition to the Public Report, a Full Report on Italian Business Angels is now available.

    (In Italian only)

    The full Report contains all the analyses and a comprehensive overview of the Italian Business Angel ecosystem.