SIM professors and researchers provide data, knowledge and skills to support entrepreneurial ecosystem actors.

The SIM team specializes in:

Scouting for innovation (open innovation)

  • Research on startups, research on innovation intermediaries (such as incubators and accelerators), research on other partners and customers/suppliers (companies, non-profits, institutions)


  • In particular, on innovation, entrepreneurship, impact assessment, project management, corporate social innovation, open innovation

Analysis of Innovation and Entrepreneurship Ecosystems

  • Mapping and analysis of key players in a given geographical context (in particular for institutions interested in studying e.g. incubators, accelerators, investors and startups) or sectoral/technological context (in particular for companies interested in studying competitors and possible partners)

Innovation and entrepreneurship programmes

  • Pathways for the development of new business models, products and services, Corporate Innovation, Corporate Entrepreneurship and Corporate Social Innovation with Design Workshops, Innovation Workshops, Bootcamps and Hackathons

Social and Environmental Impact Assessment

  • With a focus on startups, non-profit organisations and incubators/accelerators

We have worked with

ABB | Angelini | Art-ER (Emilia-Romagna) | Autostrade per l’Italia | Banca Etica | Bestway | Cariplo | CNR | Compagnia di San Paolo | CoopFond | Costa Crociere | Dedalus | Edenred | ILO (Organizzazione internazionale del lavoro – agenzia specializzata delle Nazioni Unite) | Iren | IReR – Istituto regionale di ricerca della Lombardia | LIDL Italia | ISPI | Prelios -ex Pirelli Real Estate | Telecom Italia | ValuePartners | Vodafone | Whirlpool

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